No Court - Private Cases

  • $50 case opening fee

  • Hourly fees charged by service provider vary

  • Inquire about discounts, grants, or scholarships 


Court Referred

  • DC-604 form (matters of custody, visitation or support) parties pay $0.00 for service

  • DC-400 form (civil matters) parties pay hourly fees charged by mediator 


Private Cases

Better Agreements, Inc. charges a $50 case opening fee for private cases.  You can choose your mediator and fees vary.

Associate providers are asked to offer discounts or work with people if standard fees are a barrier for cases that are appropriate and people who desire to participate.

Typical Rates for Better Agreements, Inc. Dispute Resolution Associate Providers

$100/hr for family cases (custody, visitation, and support)

$150/hr for separation and divorce

$75-250/hr for non-family cases

Court Cases

Judges may order parties to dispute resolution orientation session (sometimes called mediation) on one of two forms. 

  • Form DC-604 (restricted to matters involving custody, visitation or support) you are assigned a mediator and pay $0.00 for service. 

  • Form DC-400 (civil matters) you and the other involved parties select the mediator and pay the cost of the service.

If cost is a problem please call Better Agreements, Inc. at 540-522-1200 or contact us by sending a message through our website. 


Some mediators may be open to bartering at cost for goods/services, there may be scholarships, or you may request consideration for a reduced fee or partial waiver. 


At Better Agreements, Inc. we believe in the positive benefit of being responsive to each clients’ uniquely challenging situation and providing the power of two-way communication.