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Listen to what Alexis had to say about her internship with Better Agreements, Inc., or follow along with the transcript:


"Hi everyone! My name is Alexis and I was an intern at Better Agreements for the Spring of 2019. We’re here in front of Cooper House which is where the Better Agreements office is located. My top two highlights of my time at Better Agreements was the NAFCM listening session and an event we held on racial healing. And I really liked working at Better Agreements over this semester because it’s a lot less structured than other internships so you can really tailor it to your personal interests. So, if you’re interested, contact Better Agreements to intern or volunteer!"

The NAFCM listening session was a project in partnership with the National Association for Community Mediation (NAFCM), the School of Conflict Analysis and Resolution (S-CAR) at George Mason University, the Judicial Arbitration And Mediation Services (JAMS) Foundation, and fifteen other community mediation centers, like Better Agreements, Inc., around the world. Better Agreements, Inc. hosted the event and provided facilitators for the listening session. The purpose of the session was to gauge the effectiveness of community mediation centers with the local community's input. Graduate students at S-CAR compiled the data collected from the listening sessions in order for NAFCM to publish the State of Community Mediation Report in September of 2019. See highlights from the report here


One of Alexis's main interests is combating racial injustice. During her internship, Alexis read the Little Book of Racial Healing by Thomas DeWolf and Jodie Geddes and created a presentation based on the information in the book. She planned and facilitated a community dialogue session about racial healing and remarks, "I feel like I was able to contribute to constructive conflict transformation by starting a conversation on larger conflicts, such as racism."

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