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Eric Whitlock facilitating the Listening Session held March 25, 2019.


Listening Session Welcome 

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2019 Highlights

Raw conversation between people would help with levels of understanding and with a feeling of connection to community.

Realize our differences in terms of values to have constructive, open conversations that create pathways to new understandings which strengthen our communities, raise awareness, and help people think of things realistically.

Our differing life experiences inform how we see the world. So how we come to that view is more deeply embedded in our experiences than we actually realize.

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We could do better at leaning on our allied partners. It's easy to get locked into our silos and forget to ask for help when we need it.

Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

  • Purpose: To gauge the effectiveness of the community mediation center according to the local community's perspectives

  • Structure: 2 - hour structured and facilitated conversation, question and answer style

  • Participants: Fifteen (15) community mediation centers from around the world participated, including Better Agreements, Inc. 

  • Results: published in the State of Community Mediation Report 2019 (see highlights here)

  • Benefits

    • For Better Agreements:

      • Created a future reference list of contacts from various sectors in the New River Valley community (our local community). 

      • Initiative and purpose to reach out to individuals and organizations in sectors that we may not have reached through our own community outreach efforts.

      • Provided marketing content to post on social media and our website. 

      • Opportunity to use feedback to make changes in the organization’s strategic programming model. Change = growth!

      • Active involvement and relationship-building with the community increases our ability to mitigate conflict(s) within the community. We can be seen as a resource and neutral/objective third party. 

    • For Invited Sectors:​​

      • Created connections and relationships between individuals crossing sector identity. 

      • Opportunity to share perspective from a sector and listen to other's perspectives. Learning experience. 

  • In partnership with: 

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