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Co-Parenting Registration
Because you love your child more than you dislike the other parent

Co-Parenting is a choice parents make to focus on the needs of their children while parenting from separate homes. Even with the best of circumstances, co-parenting can be difficult due to past hurts, different parenting styles, and adjusting to a new lifestyle. This 4-hour, Court-approved parenting class, "Two Parents, Two Homes" provides participants with knowledge and skills regarding:


  • Keeping children out of parental differences and conflict

  • Understanding parenting responsibilities

  • Specific needs of children during this transition

  • Strategies for reducing and resolving conflict

  • Understanding financial responsibilities

  • Improving communicating with children and the other parent


Class Schedule

Wednesday, April 5th, 5pm - 9pm (Virtual Only)

Wednesday, May 10th, 5pm - 9pm (Virtual Only)

Thursday, May 18th, 2:30pm - 6:30pm (In-Person in Rocky Mount)

Wednesday, June 7th, 5pm - 9pm (Virtual Only)

Wednesday, July 5th, 5pm - 9pm (Virtual Only)

Thursday, July 20th, 2:30pm - 6:30pm (In-Person in Rocky Mount)


Class Information

For In-Person Classes

The class will take place at the Library in Rocky Mount, Va.

It is a fully accessible space that generally has ample, free parking.

You will be provided with a workbook and everything you need when you arrive.

You are welcome to bring something to eat or drink during the class and there will be 2 breaks during the class.

The class is NOT child friendly so please have your child/ren cared for OFF-SITE for the class.


For Zoom Classes

The class information, materials, and Zoom link will be sent out in an email as we get closer to the date of the class.

In order to get as much interaction as possible, it is REQUIRED that you are able to attend WITH VIDEO, not just sound.

You can use a computer, laptop, or smartphone. If you are new to Zoom, I recommend you test everything out prior to the day of the class.

I realize you will be attending this class from the comfort of your home but you will need to be able to give your FULL attention to the seminar. You really have to be fully present in order to successfully complete the class and receive your certificate.

I strongly recommend that you use some type of headphones/earbuds and that you have a charger handy.

The workbook and a packet of handouts will be sent with your confirmation email. Please do your best to print these materials ahead of the class. If you have no way to print, please contact me and we can figure out a way to get them to you.

Registration is $50 per person.

Once you have completed the registration form AND payment, you will receive a confirmation email with information about your selected seminar.

Due to COVID-19 many classes will be offered online via Zoom which allows for real-time discussion and interaction. Options for in-person attendance are also available. We hope to have in-person classes offered in Lexington, Covington, and the NRV soon.  To inquire about an alternate class time, please contact us by phone at (540) 552-1200. 


This class is approved by the Supreme Court of Virginia and will satisfy the requirement of any court in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  For more information or to register, complete the registration form below.

Virginia Code Sections 16.1-278.15 and 20-103, as amended, state that the parties to any petition where a child whose custody, visitation or support is contested shall show proof that they have attended within the 12 months prior to their court appearance or that they shall attend within 45 days thereafter an educational seminar or other like program conducted by a qualified person or organization approved by the court. The court may require the parties to attend such seminar or program in uncontested cases only if the court finds good cause. The seminar or other program shall be a minimum of 4 hours in length and shall address the effects of separation or divorce on children, parenting responsibilities, options for conflict resolution and financial responsibilities. Once a party has completed one educational seminar or other like program, the required completion of additional programs shall be at the court’s discretion. Parties under this section shall include natural or adoptive parents of the child, or any person with a legitimate interest as defined in Section 20-124.1.

The fee charged per party for participation in such program shall be based on the party’s ability to pay; however, no fee in excess of $50 may be charged. Whenever possible, before participating in mediation or alternative dispute resolution to address custody, visitation or support, each party shall have attended the educational seminar or other like program. The court may grant an exemption from attendance of such program for good cause shown or if there is no program reasonably available.

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