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Ms. T'aiya Shiner, Mediator #2020. Ms. Shiner holds certification to mediate cases referred by Juvenile and Domestic Relations courts (2003-present) and Circuit Court Family (Divorce) courts (2008-present), and Mediator Mentor status (2007-present).

  • Family: Family mediation helps all sorts of people: married and unmarried, parents, grandparents, step-parents and young people can all take part.

    • Parent/Parent Matters include communication, parenting schedules, custody, visitation, summer and holiday schedules, child and spousal support

    • Parent/Child or Teen Matters include communication, responsibilities, setting expectations 

  • Separation & Divorce: Ending a partnership or marriage is never easy – unresolved conflict, division of assets and property, decisions regarding children, and increased costs are all common aspects of separation and divorce.

    • Mediation can help parties reach amicable agreement on terms and conditions in part or full.  Each agreement reached gives the parties control in the outcome and reduces the uncertainty of trial to the matters which are unresolved. 

    • Meeting with the mediation facilitator can occur before or after litigation begins. Attorneys can be consulted at anytime during the mediation process and are strongly encouraged to have an attorney review any Memorandums of Agreement before signing. 

  • Other: For other types of cases we provide information, assist in connecting parties to available resources, and attempt to match the inquiring party to a potential service provider.