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About Us



Better Agreements, Inc. is a nonprofit Community Mediation Center serving the New River and Greater Roanoke Valleys.  Our mission is to increase individual and community problem-solving skills through education and training and to ensure all have access to alternative dispute resolution processes. 

Better Agreements, Inc., is a center member of Resolution Virginia and the National Association for Community Mediation.

We envision each person and organization taking responsibility and seeking alternatives to avoidance, destructive conflict behaviors, prolonged litigation, and violence.

We have adopted formal rules for using consensus decision-making procedures.

Promoting peaceful resolution since 2002.

What People Say

Better Agreements is a mediation company that helps people listen and talk to each other.  - Participant

Better Agreements encourages people to take more constructive approaches towards conflict engagement, and  the people working to do that are committed and passionate about it. -  Dialogue Participant

The individuals that  come to Better Agreements  are sometimes court-ordered  or they come on their own volition.  - Participant

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