COVID-19 Update
Better Agreements, Inc. is concerned with balancing everyone's health and safety with our mission of community service. Mediation sessions are scheduled for durations lasting an hour, and typically two or more hours, with near continuous communication facilitated between the parties and by the mediator. Before Covid19 we had to account for exhaustion and comfort, now we are keenly aware that talking in enclosed spaces increases the risk of contagion. Independent mediators on our rotation may opt to provide in person services as they see fit and we work with our roster to keep abreast of available service offerings. At this time we do not have any in person offerings listed. Please feel free to follow up as procedures will be updated based on changes in circumstances.
Service Adaptions
We are checking voicemails remotely and cannot offer in-person services at this time. We are seeking ways to use technology including telephone or video conferencing mediation services. 
Upcoming Events
In-person events are currently on hold until further notice.
We are working behind the scenes to create virtual opportunities. 
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